Internet: ROUND TWO!

May 1, 2008

Fight! No, I won’t make you and the internet fight. It would murder you. Have you seen some of this stuff? Anyway, since my first post about the internet went over well, and people didn’t get really mad at me… I’ve decided to bring it back for round two. Why stop at just making the internet a state? It could be a country! You could even have wars there! WITH NO CASUALTIES! It would be better that way, and then we would also have different game modes to play on! Tired of team deathmatch? Team CTF! Yay for all. However, there are certain things on the internet that would have to be banned. I think you can figure out what I mean. And they would have to establish a government for the People’s Republic of the Internet. So, I recommend a monarchy. I’ll be monarch, if that’s okay with you peons. Just kidding. People can do anything they want on the internet, so a democracy it shall be. And their would need to be some form of building for the leader. May I recommend we put a second home type icon in all web browsers? Click on it, poof. Instantly go to the place of the leader. And for prisons? Make everyone login after opening their internet browser, and if they have been doing something bad, stick them in lockdown. Just a blank page, saying “You are in InterPrison.” Where would this republic be, though? We already have the Internet state in the Bermuda Triangle, so I recommend Antarctica. No one lives there anyway, and this way, we wouldn’t have to worry about servers overheating! And for anything else we need, there’s coders out there. We can hire them! Don’t worry, they will be the best citizens of the Internet, so they’ll do it as community service. So, ready to form this Republic. I am too. Who wants to help!

For your knowledge, I’ve been having trouble thinking of good topics to do things like these on. If you’d like me to do one on something, then send that idea to me, however you feel like.


5 Responses to “Internet: ROUND TWO!”

  1. Cam Says:

    Servers won’t overheat, yes, but what about freeze over?

  2. Kirbycurse Says:

    Are you kidding? With that much traffic?

  3. Cam Says:

    I see. And not to be mean or anything, but the theme change looks… weird in my opinion.

  4. Kirbycurse Says:

    And theme is back to normal.

  5. Cam Says:

    Yeah, It looks a lot better now.

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