Okay, if you’re going to make it better, then go ahead. But everyone else, who just is stealing an idea, please go away. And don’t come back.

One of the most important recent inventions is renewable energy. Lots of people making it better. NOT MUCH ELSE HAS CHANGED. In consumer things, the companies add a bit more buttons, maybe upgrade a motor here and there, and sell it as a whole new thing. No innovation much anymore. Yes, we do live in the modern era, but no, this is not an excuse to stick with what works fine. Gas lighting worked fine, but do you see us still using it? No. Edison created a nice lightbulb just so we could use electricity well.

However, knockoffs are not okay. Asia, I’m looking at you. Yes, you made fuel efficient cars, and you make neat technology, but the thing is, the newest thing that you have brought the world was a really long time ago. It’s like a certain saying: “If it ain’t broke, make it better.” Some of you may think that saying was different. Not anymore. Yes, improving on an idea is great. But as humans must do every once in a while, change in ideas is better. If we didn’t have as many people thinking that they could get a free ride by taking someone else’s idea and adding a doohickey, we would be on Mars. Right now. And I would live there with my flying car. Who is sentient. But no! Too many people think that improving is good enough. No, innovating is good enough. Totally reworking physics to suit the human race’s needs is great.

But seriously, if you think that you can get a free ride, you’ve come to the wrong place. With global warming and depletion of natural resources, we need new ideas fast. Start thinking. (Better dishwashwer? Better solar panel? Better home insulator?)