Hello Again!

December 6, 2008

I haven’t really been here for a while. And now, Ive decided to take ACTION. So, here’s my plan. I’ll try to update the blog weekly, with things I found interesting, be it a certain website, video, or anything else I find awesome. If my very few readers want me to, I’ll also put a score. Please though, get angry at me if a post doesn’t come that week and I have no reason for it not to. So here’s my start: FREEMAN’S MIND. I’m sure most people have heard of it, and it’s EXCELLENT. But also, and equally funny thing is Civil Protection, by the same person, Ross Scott. It’s on this page: http://civil-protection.blogspot.com/


One Response to “Hello Again!”

  1. wiiowner314 Says:

    So this went pretty well…

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