Internet: ROUND TWO!

May 1, 2008

Fight! No, I won’t make you and the internet fight. It would murder you. Have you seen some of this stuff? Anyway, since my first post about the internet went over well, and people didn’t get really mad at me… I’ve decided to bring it back for round two. Why stop at just making the internet a state? It could be a country! You could even have wars there! WITH NO CASUALTIES! It would be better that way, and then we would also have different game modes to play on! Tired of team deathmatch? Team CTF! Yay for all. However, there are certain things on the internet that would have to be banned. I think you can figure out what I mean. And they would have to establish a government for the People’s Republic of the Internet. So, I recommend a monarchy. I’ll be monarch, if that’s okay with you peons. Just kidding. People can do anything they want on the internet, so a democracy it shall be. And their would need to be some form of building for the leader. May I recommend we put a second home type icon in all web browsers? Click on it, poof. Instantly go to the place of the leader. And for prisons? Make everyone login after opening their internet browser, and if they have been doing something bad, stick them in lockdown. Just a blank page, saying “You are in InterPrison.” Where would this republic be, though? We already have the Internet state in the Bermuda Triangle, so I recommend Antarctica. No one lives there anyway, and this way, we wouldn’t have to worry about servers overheating! And for anything else we need, there’s coders out there. We can hire them! Don’t worry, they will be the best citizens of the Internet, so they’ll do it as community service. So, ready to form this Republic. I am too. Who wants to help!

For your knowledge, I’ve been having trouble thinking of good topics to do things like these on. If you’d like me to do one on something, then send that idea to me, however you feel like.


MUSIC! Fact or Fiction?

April 30, 2008

Duh. It’s fact! Anyone who doesn’t get that is an idiot. Seriously. Music exists. For all of you non-musical people, a brief history of music.

Music has been around for a really, REALLY long time. You know how old that really old guy down the street is? Longer than that. Heck, it’s older than that big tree over there. It’s been around since humans came around. The first caveman probably was all like “ugga ugg!” in a tune and decided he liked it. However, the first written music only came around in about the 1000s. From there, we’ve been through many ages of music and styles, and they’ve all been pretty good. Besides a few of them…

Brief history over. So. As you probably can’t tell, music has been around for as long, or longer than the human race. (seriously. BIRDS!) Anyway, music kicks some serious ass. Except glorified rhythm. I call rap glorified rhythm. It may be interesting, but all it is is a person, saying how they 1)beat up/killed/hate someone 2)had sex with someone or 3)got drunk/high/stoned out of their mind. (don’t laugh yet rock and roll, you’re better, but same concept.) Essentially, rap is people talking about these things, with a background of heavy bass. Rock and roll at least has melodies and something other than a rhythm! What music should be is something that contains at least three of the following. Rhythm, Melody, Countermelody, lyrics. Rap has two. Can we just call it a rhythm with words now? PLEASE??? Can we stop throwing our money at these people? If not, WHY!

BLOG REVIEW: Camsworld

April 30, 2008

For your knowledge, all future posts are intended to be satirical in nature. The reviews, however, are not. If you dislike them, you may think of them as satirical.

This above blog is very good. It’s done by a friend of mine, and he manages to be slightly funny with it, while delivering news of important things happening in the world. Also, his grammar is excellent, to my limited knowledge of grammar. His news isn’t really something to be used in the world as a guide for anything, (for that I recommend The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. All of them.) instead to be used as just a source for cool information. Every source he uses can also be checked out to be very reliable, unless suddenly NPR and other news things suddenly start making everything up. So just so all of you realize, this blog is now good for satire, and that blog is now good for neat news topics. Link to it : In all, with my new restaurant rating system: Three stars (out of three). The steak is quite excellent, as is the lobster, and both come served garnished with parsley sprigs.


April 28, 2008

Now look at suit in a paragraph. With suit there lots of times. Not suit suit suit, but something actually relevant. Now tell me that it doesn’t start to look really odd after a bit. Do the same with a letter. Any letter, but just stare at it a bit. So, the English language, to anyone else, if they had no idea what it was, would see it’s a language because of the repetition of symbols, but they, with no prior experience, could not glean ANY information out of it. Seriously. About four of our letters are lines. Some of them are circles. In other words, English makes no sense. The general thought of the creators was, as far as I understand, “Let’s take a bunch of words that work nicely in other languages, and stick em all together!”. It doesn’t work well. We all think, “Hey, it’s fine. I get it.” But seriously, look at it for a bit. if you know no Chinese, and you try to read it, that’s what everyone else thinks of the English language. It may be the standard for communication, but it makes NO sense. Early humans had it right with pictographs. So if you don’t what it is, with pictographs, you say, “Oh! It’s a BOAT!”, and with English you say “What the…” and look it up in a dictionary. That is time-consuming, and inefficient. Efficiency is important. Without it, we’d be sitting in the Stone Age saying “Eh. I’ll get to it later.” Which is sort of like procrastination. But this isn’t that. Why? Because procrastination hasn’t been invented yet. They haven’t gotten around to it.Either way, that’s something for another post. Hopefully, we’ll all just learn a good language that doesn’t have ten words meaning the same thing in the future. (Seriously. Look through the dictionary. China gets by with a couple ten thousands. We have over a million words.)


April 24, 2008

A kickass game, that’s for sure. While it is easy, and has not much of a difficulty curve, it’s very fun. It’s graphics, 2000’s eye candy, are nice, even by today’s standards, (fine. on handhelds.), and it’s replayability is very high, just to get all the crystal shards. And you know, some of Kirby’s other adventures, namely Nightmare in Dreamland and Squeak Squad may have better gameplay mechanics, you simply can’t beat the combination powers of Kirby 64. (my favorites: lightsaber, curling stone, and exploding ninja stars). With few powers, about 7 or 8 (too lazy to check which) it doesn’t seem like you can get much variety, but the combination makes it so you can have a heck of a lot more. And for all of you who take the time to get all of the shards, you get a treat with possibly the most fun boss of ALL TIME. My score: 9.5/10

In the previous post, I have said things that are being taken the wrong way. I think that Nintendo is great. I think this of Nintendo.

It’s excellent. But, my personal opinion is that Wii gaming is innovative, and not purist. It is the Protestant (more popular now) to the 360’s Catholic (less popular now). However, some rabid Nintendo fans will still manage to take my words wrong, so let me say this: IT’S AN OPINION. Also, STOP commenting on this! IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHERE I SAID THE WII WAS INFERIOR, THEN SHOW ME. I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT. Nor have I ever said playing FPSs makes you a purist. I simply named games that I had been playing at the time.

Are you a gamer, or are you just someone who plays video games? My thinking: A true gamer is one who plays such as Halo, or CoD, or something else, not necessarily with a traditional controller. Essentially, a person who considers a big part of their life to be playing video games. However, I don’t think the Wii fits in this spectrum… The Wii is just sort of there, and without a traditional controller, (besides the Gamecube ones) it isn’t really a purist’s console. It’s more an innovator’s console, or the console for the people. The Xbox 360 is a purist console, because it has a traditional controller. SOMEONE is going to try and say “But the Wii has Corruption!” Yes. The Wii does have Corruption, and it’s a great game. However, in Nintendo’s AMAZING attempt to put you more into the game, they succeed, but they have gone away from the appeal of the gamer’s video game. The gamer’s video game is buttons, not waving their arm around. It’s a fantastic thing, but it just doesn’t have the same thing as the old consoles/other consoles. The Wii is everyone’s console, and the gamers don’t like that. Great for business, but gamers want to be individualized by what they do, and a people’s console falls out of that range. Gamers also want to be individualized by the complexity. If everyone can pick up a controller and be ridiculously good at it, the joy in owning n00bs goes away.

NOTE: This post has been closed for commenting. I don’t delete things on my blag, except in the case of these previous harmful comments (not harmful to me, harmful to you. I can do SO much with those words.) I think people are taking my words wrongly. I do not mean to say that Nintendo sucks. That is not my point at all. Above are simply my opinion on gamers. Yes, you can have a Wii and be a gamer, but not in the traditional sense. You are an innovative Wii gamer, not a purist (sort of like Catholics, but I didn’t start an inquisition against Wii gamers) gamer. I think that Wii gamers are great, but I feel it’s like diluting the solution. Like putting some water in strong tea. It still tastes good.