June 9, 2008

I was recently browsing some sites on December 21, 2012. Heck of a lot of conspiracy of what happens then. People are saying the world is going to end. But really? This is something they say about what’s going to happen.

Elsewhere in the Solar System

On Europa, the ice moon of Jupiter, the sentient cephalopods wait patiently. These luminescent cuttlefish tell their ancient stories through the patterns of light on their bodies. Theirs is a very complex non-liner language totally incomprehensible to we sentient simians. They know that soon the atmosphere of Jupiter will clear. Europa and her three sisters will be bathed in a gentle infrared glow. The ice will melt and they will see the stars from which they came.

At Saturn the rings, which are the debris of a brutal assault on the solar system, will be collected and returned to the asteroid belt. Pluto will also be returned to its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Tiamat will be reassemble and rehyrtated from the Ort Cloud. Mars and Venus will also be rehydrated and all orbits brought back into harmony.

So Jupiter will no longer be a gas planet? And Pluto was originally an asteroid? I’m sorry, but this is absolute BULLSHIT. Pluto is from the Kuiper Belt! NOT the Asteroid Belt! Jupiter is NOT going to suddenly have all the gas go away! It’s like the people find the sketchiest scientific findings, and stick em together to support a ridiculous claim! NOWHERE does the Bible say “Hey! The worlds ends on this day, here’s what happens, and there ya go!” NO! I’m sorry, but it’s ridiculous that people even believe this! It’s not “Oh! Wow! This is real! I have such a small brain, that people with SMALLER brains can think for me!”


One Response to “Really?”

  1. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    Very interesting ‘findings’ and all, but the heading made me thing you were going to have a deliciously long post…

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