April 28, 2008

Now look at suit in a paragraph. With suit there lots of times. Not suit suit suit, but something actually relevant. Now tell me that it doesn’t start to look really odd after a bit. Do the same with a letter. Any letter, but just stare at it a bit. So, the English language, to anyone else, if they had no idea what it was, would see it’s a language because of the repetition of symbols, but they, with no prior experience, could not glean ANY information out of it. Seriously. About four of our letters are lines. Some of them are circles. In other words, English makes no sense. The general thought of the creators was, as far as I understand, “Let’s take a bunch of words that work nicely in other languages, and stick em all together!”. It doesn’t work well. We all think, “Hey, it’s fine. I get it.” But seriously, look at it for a bit. if you know no Chinese, and you try to read it, that’s what everyone else thinks of the English language. It may be the standard for communication, but it makes NO sense. Early humans had it right with pictographs. So if you don’t what it is, with pictographs, you say, “Oh! It’s a BOAT!”, and with English you say “What the…” and look it up in a dictionary. That is time-consuming, and inefficient. Efficiency is important. Without it, we’d be sitting in the Stone Age saying “Eh. I’ll get to it later.” Which is sort of like procrastination. But this isn’t that. Why? Because procrastination hasn’t been invented yet. They haven’t gotten around to it.Either way, that’s something for another post. Hopefully, we’ll all just learn a good language that doesn’t have ten words meaning the same thing in the future. (Seriously. Look through the dictionary. China gets by with a couple ten thousands. We have over a million words.)


2 Responses to “Suit.”

  1. wiiowner314 Says:

    Lojban ftw!

  2. boo. Says:

    Unfortunately, we’ve already learned it. The language is pretty retarded though. :/

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