April 24, 2008

A kickass game, that’s for sure. While it is easy, and has not much of a difficulty curve, it’s very fun. It’s graphics, 2000’s eye candy, are nice, even by today’s standards, (fine. on handhelds.), and it’s replayability is very high, just to get all the crystal shards. And you know, some of Kirby’s other adventures, namely Nightmare in Dreamland and Squeak Squad may have better gameplay mechanics, you simply can’t beat the combination powers of Kirby 64. (my favorites: lightsaber, curling stone, and exploding ninja stars). With few powers, about 7 or 8 (too lazy to check which) it doesn’t seem like you can get much variety, but the combination makes it so you can have a heck of a lot more. And for all of you who take the time to get all of the shards, you get a treat with possibly the most fun boss of ALL TIME. My score: 9.5/10


2 Responses to “GAME REVIEW: Kirby 64”

  1. boo. Says:

    Hey! Best game ever. Agreed.

    I agree with it’s “replayabililty”, definitely. It’s fun.. many times. And the combinations of abilities adds to this… you can keep trying different combinations every time you play it! Very fun. And the difficultly, although all together simple and easy, has some moments. Completing all 7 (?) levels is simple, but the final boss is no walk in the park… even getting to it requires some skill. Some of the shards are only found with the most random ability combination, making the game very difficult sometimes.

    Yes, I look forward to the big boss. And yes, this game definitely beats out any other kirby game so far. Totally agreed.

  2. wiiowner314 Says:

    There are actually a total of 36 abilities, made up of the base abilities, the combos, and the special one for the AWESOME final boss (that I will no-hit beat one day). To answer boo’s uncertainty, there are six main worlds and the final boss world:
    Pop Star (generic happyland): 3 levels, boss – starting world
    Rock Star (desert-y): 4 levels, boss – beat Pop Star boss to unlock
    Aqua Star (rivers, beaches, and underwater): 4 levels, boss – beat Rock Star boss to unlock
    Neo Star (jungle and volcano): 4 levels, boss – beat Aqua Star boss to unlock
    Shiver Star (ice and industry): 4 levels, boss – beat Neo Star boss to unlock
    Ripple Star (stricken happyland): 3 levels, boss – beat Shiver Star boss to unlock
    Dark Star (a giant cloud of dark matter. may or may not be a black hole.): tiny level that feeds directly to the final boss – beat Ripple Star boss to unlock.
    Overall, can’t wait for the (announced! yay) Wiiquel.

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