It’s a FINER line, people.

April 16, 2008

In the previous post, I have said things that are being taken the wrong way. I think that Nintendo is great. I think this of Nintendo.

It’s excellent. But, my personal opinion is that Wii gaming is innovative, and not purist. It is the Protestant (more popular now) to the 360’s Catholic (less popular now). However, some rabid Nintendo fans will still manage to take my words wrong, so let me say this: IT’S AN OPINION. Also, STOP commenting on this! IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHERE I SAID THE WII WAS INFERIOR, THEN SHOW ME. I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT. Nor have I ever said playing FPSs makes you a purist. I simply named games that I had been playing at the time.


5 Responses to “It’s a FINER line, people.”

  1. wiiowner314 Says:

    So you think of Nintendo as older and less relevant than other modern game companies.

  2. kirbycurse Says:

    No. Protestantism is a MUCH newer religion, starting in the Middle Ages. Catholicism started around 10 AD.

  3. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    In the video. Duh.
    Sarcasm aside, you seem to consider Wii inferior, maybe harmful, because it is doing something new and different. You also seem to have anti-Catholic overtones. If so, these guys [link deleted out of disgust] would totally agree with you.

  4. boo. Says:

    D.R!! I wanted to see that linked you cut out. I’m still on the same page as C.J, i have to agree with him. Maybe because we own Wiis and you don’t. I’m just confused by your comparison between Protestants and Catholics. Are you trying to say that Nintendo is newer, more popular, yet totally on a lower level than Microsoft/Sony/etc? Or are you trying to say that Microsoft/Sony is the older, more veteran and respectable gaming system? Either way, you’re wrong, and harming SOMEONE’S faith.

  5. kirbycurse Says:

    OK! This is the Internet. I have no idea who is seeing this, so I have no control on whether I accidentally insult someone. ANd I am NOT saying the Wii is bad. I simply say that it is DIFFERENT. Different can be good or bad. And by the Catholic-Protestant thing, I mean that one is more popular.

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