It’s a fine line, people.

April 15, 2008

Are you a gamer, or are you just someone who plays video games? My thinking: A true gamer is one who plays such as Halo, or CoD, or something else, not necessarily with a traditional controller. Essentially, a person who considers a big part of their life to be playing video games. However, I don’t think the Wii fits in this spectrum… The Wii is just sort of there, and without a traditional controller, (besides the Gamecube ones) it isn’t really a purist’s console. It’s more an innovator’s console, or the console for the people. The Xbox 360 is a purist console, because it has a traditional controller. SOMEONE is going to try and say “But the Wii has Corruption!” Yes. The Wii does have Corruption, and it’s a great game. However, in Nintendo’s AMAZING attempt to put you more into the game, they succeed, but they have gone away from the appeal of the gamer’s video game. The gamer’s video game is buttons, not waving their arm around. It’s a fantastic thing, but it just doesn’t have the same thing as the old consoles/other consoles. The Wii is everyone’s console, and the gamers don’t like that. Great for business, but gamers want to be individualized by what they do, and a people’s console falls out of that range. Gamers also want to be individualized by the complexity. If everyone can pick up a controller and be ridiculously good at it, the joy in owning n00bs goes away.

NOTE: This post has been closed for commenting. I don’t delete things on my blag, except in the case of these previous harmful comments (not harmful to me, harmful to you. I can do SO much with those words.) I think people are taking my words wrongly. I do not mean to say that Nintendo sucks. That is not my point at all. Above are simply my opinion on gamers. Yes, you can have a Wii and be a gamer, but not in the traditional sense. You are an innovative Wii gamer, not a purist (sort of like Catholics, but I didn’t start an inquisition against Wii gamers) gamer. I think that Wii gamers are great, but I feel it’s like diluting the solution. Like putting some water in strong tea. It still tastes good.

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