April 13, 2008

Those initials stand for someone. A very important someone. Sort of. Everyone (almost. You’ll get there, don’t worry) hates him, and he isn’t doing his job too well. Either way, with the Internet becoming huge, i say we make it a STATE. But, there isn’t really a place on the globe for it. I’ve got that covered too.location of Internet

It’s the Bermuda Triangle. We should just say the Internet is there! Not really any other place for it, and it’ll just be like Alaska or Hawaii. Anyway, we’re not even sure what’s there. It could just be a giant server farm! PERFECT for the Internet. Soon, The Great State of Internet. That way, all the Communists will be FORCED to show their online activities, and we’ll see just how good for the U.N. they are! So, edit your flag desktop background, and edit your maps, we’ve got 51 states.

[For the non-internet savvy individuals, a server farm is like a web hosting place, its what holds the web site so you can visit it. No, the website isn’t just THERE.]


2 Responses to “HA! IN YOUR FACE, G.B.!”

  1. wiiowner314 Says:

    Did he say something else stupid? I’m not surprised. One problem with your idea: YOU CAN’T PUT A SERVER FARM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLIPPING OCEAN. But wait – would the Internet get 2 Senators and a buttload of Representatives? ARGH! THE NONSENSICALITY OF IT ALL!

    Seriously though, I loved the post. Keep the sarcastic stuff up!

    [however, I don’t like the comment. I find it derogatory. And I know you don’t like this. Deal. I find your shoutings about me doing this violate my free speech. (I hope you realize this is sarcasm) However, seriously. Post: Not cool. Sarcasm: Okay. (what the… wordpress doesn’t recognize okay???) We techinically haven’t ever been there in a documented attempt, so the Bermuda Triangle could actually have a giant server farm in it.]

  2. boo. Says:

    Umm what? How did that go from talking about our president .. I mean, um G.B., to the Bermuda Triangle, and then to using it as a “giant server farm”?


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