Hola, Como estas?

April 7, 2008

Yes. I’m turning Mexican. Racist jokes aside, I came up with a really good webcomic idea today. Only problem: I don’t have a server, this won’t hold up to it, and I have no means of getting it onto my computer. Sigh. Epic failure. I haven’t updated in a bit (50 hits ago. Wow) because I came down with the flu, and went off to Oregon. Oregon was awesome, flu sucked. My uncle lives up in Oregon, is an awesome neurosurgeon, and for some odd reason had human bones, that he thought were Indian that he had found. He wanted me to help re inter them. I didn’t. (interesting anecdote: when I first looked at the bones, my vision went all weird and I felt faint. No, not supernatural, dehydration. I hadn’t been drinking much. I drank water after that, I’m good. Don’t worry two (hopefully more!) people who check regularly.)


10 Responses to “Hola, Como estas?”

  1. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    Just in case you don’t bother to check comments on old posts…


    Anyway, Windows DOES suck Bill Gates’s fake balls. One tiny hardware issue left me without 3D. Which means no Portal. No AoE III. Nothing.

    And just to scare you even more, my initials are C. J. And I am in your math class. And your science class. And your lunch class. And I could walk to your house. And I’ve been there. So stop editing my posts and make your own.

  2. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    I seriously am going to kill you, “D. R.” Any real operating system can work even if the hardware is having a bad day. Note also that DirectX should still work if the hardware has a bad day. Note also that the hardware is working FINE now. Note also that DirectX and the card driver have NOT resumed proper function. Note also that we went over this on the way to lunch in DECEMBER, when it happened. Note also that I will kill you in math tomorrow if you edit one more of my posts. If you have something to say, quote me (or not) and put it in a NEW COMMENT! Do people edit your posts in a forum? OF COURSE NOT! You are violating my right to free speech by editing my posts in this fashion. Note also that you have yet to see me strangle someone.

  3. kirbycurse Says:

    Okay. First off, I don’t edit posts. They are there, exactly the way they were put up, with my comments inserted throughout them. As far as I know, that doesn’t violate ANY law, right or anything, in the Constitution or otherwise. I act as an administrator for this. Any comment I don’t like, I have the right to delete, edit, or comment within to my heart’s content. There is NO law saying that I have to not edit people’s posts. If I find something personally offensive, I will delete that post. If I find it legitimate to the topic, then I shall let it go. C.J., you are cutting it very close with your above comment. That post is about a month ago. The topics contained within your comment are best suited for a forum or an email. And the right of free speech only says that you can say whatever you want and not get prosecuted or arrested for it.

  4. boo. Says:

    Are we even talking about the above post?? Seriously now, CJ and DR are arguing over a freaking blag!! Of course, just because Dylan will delete this comment if I don’t comment on the post, dehydrated. Wow. Um. Okay.

    But congrats, DR, on UPDATING. (i must say, a lit of those 50 hits was me checking multiple times a day for new posts).

    CU *gasp*

  5. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    You still don’t get it. When someone is speaking, is it polite to interrupt them? Of course not. You are doing the same thing here. Your shameless mincing of my opinion defeats the entire purpose of allowing comments on a blag. You know as well as I do that the two of us do not have any forum in common, and this is the only place this discussion is relevant. I hereby award you one box of anti-cookies.

    And don’t even try to lie. When you edit one of my comments, it puts a big fat “This post has been edited by kirbycurse” at the bottom. And, what do you know, they are NOT exactly the way they were put up, so they must be edited by the only person with that power, you! With great power comes great responsibility, which you apparently lack. Spam, porn ads, whatever, go ahead and delete those. But when you infringe upon a user’s ability to make their opinion known by being too lazy to develop a well-thought-out, correctly flowing response, then that’s extremely sad, especially knowing you to be the astute friend you are. You are lucky that I still even care about this blag.

  6. boo. Says:

    Wow, I couldn’t have said it more eloquently, but still. STOP ARGUING. DR, as an arbitrarial decision, i suggest to you don’t edit his comments, but to compromise, you maintain the right to respond/delete unnecessary comments.


  7. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    Yes, that’s what I was going for. Sorry you had to get caught up in this, boo. Thanks for foisting peace upon the bloodthirsty. (Hope that joke doesn’t offend you.)

  8. boo. Says:

    Um.. why would that offend me again? Well, I had to stop you guys. It was getting heated, so I guess I HAD to “foist” some peace on you. Well, when DR finally responds, we will find out if the peace holds.

  9. kirbycurse Says:

    Ah. We had already arbitrated a decision. Sort of. Without the arbitrary bit. I’m just going to respond to the comments. With a comment. May or may not be in the comment bit. Sorry for anyone witnessing this flame war.

  10. boo. Says:

    That would be me, and only me, really.

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