March 20, 2008

And none of you care. Sigh. You don’t need a wordpress account to comment, just so you know. Anyway, I’ve decided to put up some sayings I just made up. Hope you like them, and feel free to comment with your own.

When you find yourself in a hard place, ask yourself, What Would MacGyver Do?

If faced with impossible odds, bet against yourself.

Think of yourself as so awesome, that nothing can touch you. Like M.C. Hammer! Can’t touch this!

When life gives you a computer, code.

Do ridiculous things, just for fun. (like make a ballista!)

Be prepared to fail. Being prepared means getting shot down, and then respawning and rushing again.

Don’t try the same thing twice. (ie, don’t storm the castle, and then do the same thing. It’s called a siege.)

Find joy in fragging.

More later.


2 Responses to “I’m BACK!”

  1. boo. Says:

    Wsup, D.R.
    166 hits. You must be overjoyed. I am happy to say I, that’s right, the joyous ME, added to that. *grins*
    C.U. (ooh. scary. initials.)

  2. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    And a more pressing matter: something unspeakably strange is happening with xkcd.

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