REAL h4x0rs use Windows Safe Mode.

March 4, 2008

[Okay, in response to all this shouting at me. This is my opinion. Also, Microsoft has opened parts of the source code for its programs to third parties, so the third parties can make more compatible programs. I know Vista is crap. I also know that Microsoft has some stuff that is in court. I don’t care about how you think I’m totally wrong though. This is my opinion, my free speech, and I don’t care that you think Linux pwnz0rz Windows. Windows works fine for me. It seems that most people have problems with it. They stopped upgrading on SP2 because Windows no longer needed any major bugs worked out. I’m saying that Windows works fine for me, and I honestly don’t care what you think. I know me writing this is going to make lots of you mad, but seriously. NOT MY PROBLEM. I don’t want to hear about it.] Windows seems so undervalued today. It’s a great OS, albeit a bit buggy, but you can find so much neat stuff in it! It has a program for EVERYTHING! Linux and Mac may be less buggy, but Windows is just awesome. Just about anything will run on it, if not, hack it til it does, and you can do almost everything on it! I mean, it’s inconvenient, but REAL h4x0rs use Safe Mode to get rid of all the crap. My friend was running Windows on a Mac laptop one time, and his built-in keyboard was not being found by Windows/it was dying, so he called me up there, we put it in Safe Mode, and it pretty much fixed itself! In Windows, you can pretty much run a diagnostic for everything, it’ll tell you what’s wrong, and it’ll fix it. With TWO clicks. Linux, when it rarely happens, you have to go into the source code and find it. Also, Windows is getting more user-friendly. They’ve started revealing bits of their programs to help third-party programs, so they can make it better and more compatible. Also, what hacker goes on a Linux desktop to try and hack a Windows one? Command Prompt is MADE for hacking! You can tell command prompt anything, short of “make me dinner” and it’ll do it. Even if it’s ping NASA. It’ll go to the IP address and connect to it. You can probably do even more if you know how, I don’t, but you probably can. And the real joy of Windows is the hidden programs. There may not be many, but a fun one is “eudcedit”. It’s the Private Character Editor, and you can stick stuff like “pwned.” into documents, and it’ll read em just fine.Want a picture of a smiley face to use as a period? Go right ahead. It may require some button remapping, but you can do it. Windows can do a crapload of stuff, and it’s just trashtalked. No one actually does anything about all this great functionality. Tell me, when has Linux fixed itself? (ok, for all you people like LinuxCrayon, this is semi-serious. I’ve just been thinking how most of the gamer/hackers/developers are thinking that Windows is showing its age, and I’m supporting it. I may be exaggerating a bit, but Windows does most of this stuff.)


13 Responses to “REAL h4x0rs use Windows Safe Mode.”

  1. linuxcrayon Says:

    I can’t seem to decide if you’re serious or joking…

  2. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    Neither can I. You know as well as I do that Windows is terrible, “D.R.”[anything in brackets is kirbycurse], and this seems both in and out of character for you. You and I both know that it is only good for gaming (****ing software patents!)[they’re going slightly open-source], and i’m really not sure what to make of this.

    And real h4x0rs don’t use a GUI designed by greedy psycopaths for senile women.[it was designed for businesses] Real h4x0rs don’t risk the Blue Screen of Death.[pretty much every major bug is out of windows now. you only get hardware problems.] Real h4x0rs use any of the dozens of programming languages they are fluent in.[not true. real h4x0rs are just fluent in pwn.] Just had to get that in there.

  3. boo. Says:

    Hey!! It did NOT fix itself!! Thanks above comment “you know as well as i do that windows is terrible”!! it is. and it did not fix itself!! after 2-3 hours of doing absolutely random things, I fixed. thank you very much, ME.

    So, windows does suck.

    Also, hey, I’m reading AND commenting!

  4. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:


    Anyway, Windows DOES suck Bill Gates’s fake balls. One tiny hardware[if I may emphasize hardware…] issue left me without 3D. Which means no Portal. No AoE III. Nothing.

    And just to scare you even more, my initials are C. J. And I am in your math class. And your science class. And your lunch class. And I could walk to your house. And I’ve been there. So stop editing my posts and make your own.

  5. linuxcrayon Says:

    If most bugs are out of Windows, and if it’s so great, why are they constantly patching it? And what is with the behemoth and massive failure known as Vista? What about the class action lawsuit against Microsoft and its “Vista Capable” program?

    Also, Microsoft is NOT going open source. There is nothing open source about anything they have released. They allow you to use certain assets (such as images). But only for personal use. Which generally means no redistribution. They’re still fighting ISO about the OOXML standard, and they’re having to coerce the acceptance of OOXML. No one in the open standards community wants OOXML to be adopted. C# is a standardized language, but then again it would be stupid for anyone to create a language and not have it standardized. The .NET framework is open, but not inherently cross platform. Why is it open? To try to combat Java and other language frameworks. The only reason .NET is cross platform is because of the community. There is absolutely nothing open about Microsoft. They use the term loosely and to try to keep people off their backs.

    If most of the bugs are gone, why does Vista constantly crash for absolutely no reason? No faulty hardware. 100% Vista compatible hardware. But it still crashes.

  6. Anon. Says:

    why are they constantly patching it?

    Like all Linux systems. Lolololol.

  7. Kirbycurse Says:

    What?? XP has had 2 patches. SP1, and SP2. Linux patches every month… So, what’s wrong with linux? Seriously. And have you TRIED Vista, or are you just saying its bad because you’ve heard that.

  8. linuxcrayon Says:

    I’ve been MIA for a while. Life and family and all that. Anyway.

    Kirbycurse–apparently you’re not familiar with Windows at all. Service Packs in Windows is a collection of patches and fixes, not a single patch/fix. Your computer constantly downloads and installs patches/fixes by default (Windows Update). To say that Windows has had two patches in the forms of SP1 and SP2 is ignorant. Not stupid, but ignorant. You are obviously simply not familiar with how Windows works.

    Linux also patches a decent bit. The difference? All those updates you’re seeing aren’t just for the operating system. It’s for EVERYTHING. Another thing worth noting is that Linux fixes are proactive; that is, they’re often released before the bug/security hole was ever found/exploited. With Microsoft, it often takes up to a month after a known bug has been published before it is worked into Windows Update. Some of the “patches” you claim to be seeing aren’t always patches. Sometimes they’re new versions of products. Unlike Microsoft, maintainers of various Linux distributions don’t wait years to release a new version. Some Linux distributions are updated on a day-to-day basis (e.g., Arch Linux). Some are updated on a 6-month schedule (e.g., Ubuntu). Some are updated on a nonstandard release schedule (e.g., Slackware). But through all of them you can obtain newer versions of software, even before the next major release of the system.

    I have tried Vista. In fact, I’ll be forced to use it Fall quarter. My fiancee has a laptop with Vista on it that takes WAY too long to boot. In order to detect wireless networks, she has to reboot her computer. Before you ask, no, it’s not just her Vista. Her father’s is the same way. And so is my friend’s. Have I personally done anything with Vista other than fix it? Not too much. I test-drove it for about a week, and I was wholly unimpressed.

  9. Kirbycurse Says:

    So, you’re saying that Linux patches itself before the problem ever happens. It’s like repairing a leaky pipe that doesn’t leak. You can’t fix something that isn’t broken, so apparently you need to acquaint yourself to reasoning. Linux is great, an open-source operating system that anyone can make better, but it’s like Communism. The idea works, but the execution doesn’t.

  10. linuxcrayon Says:


    The problem exists. It is simply not exploited before it is fixed. Developers discover the problem before malicious attackers do.

  11. Kirbycurse Says:

    Your exact words: they’re often released before the bug/security hole was ever found/exploited. Before they’re found??? HOW? If no one has found them, then how do they know they’re there. Again, Linux, however great, just doesn’t work in execution.

  12. linuxcrayon Says:

    Found by malicious users.

    Regardless of whether or not I left out a few words, you’ve obviously stopped mentioning the merits of Windows. I’ll be more than happy to admit that Linux has its flaws; everything does. That doesn’t change the fact that it is more secure and better suited to high-end environments.

  13. Kirbycurse Says:

    It’s more secure because no one can find a viable use for it, besides being a slightly worse counterpart to Windows, and being open source. And it is CERTAINLY NOT more secure than Windows. Windows has been exploited, and all the chinks in the armor found, but with Linux and being open source, its like a set of instructions saying what you have to do to bypass things. Also, I’ve stopped mentioning the merits of Windows because they simply aren’t pertinent to why Linux isn’t as good. Windows does pretty much everything Linux does, maybe not more efficiently, but simply more conveniently.

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