Stuff I do/Want to do

February 27, 2008

1. Get a crowbar, and some orange tape. Then tape the handleish bit of the crowbar to make it look like Gordon Freeman’s from Half-Life. And of course, carry it with me.

2. Get a PhD in MechE from MIT.

3. I look at stuff, and see how cool it would be to mod it.

4. I see something, and take a huge interest in it. Today it was a cabinet hinge. But it was fancy!

5. Join a group like Monty Python. I like improv comedy.

6. I imagine what I could do with a gravity gun from Half-Life. All the time. It would be fun, you have to admit that.

7. Compile my theories… I’ve got a lot of them that are really bad, but funny.

8. I look at things and say “Now, how would that be used if zombies attacked?”

9. I’d like to actually stay with one of my resolutions to learn something.

10. I’d like to, right after getting out of college, immediately not use anything I learned, except for fun, and then open a chocolate shop. Chocolate is GOOD.

11. Learn how to smith/weld.

12. Stop blanking out so much. I had a really really good one, but I forgot it.

13. Make lots of little gizmos. I mean a LOT. Like a whole flippin’ room of them.

14. Not sure… I’ll probably add to this later. Actually, probably not, but… You never know.


One Response to “Stuff I do/Want to do”

  1. kraftymiles Says:

    Not exactly “What would Jesus Do?” more of “What would Zombies do eh?

    A good way to wander through life.

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