February 22, 2008

So, I don’t have time to fully write this one, so I’ll come back to it later. The medical insurance industry is ACTUALLY cheating doctors so they don’t have to pay them. For example, the doctor sends the information for the items they need to pay for. Even if everything is there, the insurance company will put it in a memo, tack on an error, stick it on the fax machine/in the mail, and hope the doctor in question doesn’t notice it, them being busy. This way, that memo goes unnoticed. And, because no complaint was submitted, the insurance company shrugs off that to the patient, so the company saves money, and the patient loses money. One I have seen, unfortunately no picture, provider’s (doctor’s) name right at the top. In the information. Sent to the insurance company. Sent right back, with this error. PLEASE RE-SEND WITH NAME OF PROVIDER. Seriously? It’s right at the top! A dyslexic blind person could find it! Sort of sad, how the human race has come to this type of greed. It’s even illegal to do this type of thing. There are laws against it.


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