Idiocy on the Internet

January 16, 2008

Has no one else noticed that idiots are everywhere on the internet? Typing “U” instead of “You” DOESN’T SAVE MORE THAN A SECOND! Take the time to learn the language you’re butchering. Also, you can’t be “1337” unless you ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO SOMETHING WITH COMPUTERS! Installing and running crap doesn’t count. In MMOs, saying “cc plz” is just idiotic, and unless the other person is also and idiot, (unfortunately, there are too many of them) they’re not going to do crap. xkcd has the right idea, as well as stupidfilter. They are writing programs to block these idiots in front of keyboards from befouling our precious space, that we know as the Internet. It’s not there just to say “lol” and have that be your ENTIRE library of forum posts. People don’t need to know you laughed. If you really want them to know, comment it. Don’t waste the space with a whole post. Keep it RELEVANT! People on a thread about Douglas Adams don’t want to know about Monty Python. Also, take the time to actually think of a NAME! Don’t use random letters. Don’t use random numbers. Don’t tack numbers onto a taken name to make it yours. Being “someone1876” isn’t cool. TAKE THE TIME TO CREATE ORIGINAL NAMES! Here’s more of it. If you feel like being stupid on the internet, don’t go around and screw up Wikipedia. Most of that is right. Idiots screw it up and say George Washington blew up Iran with a nuke. People with no minds also decide to go and repeat ANYTHING they think is funny. SAYING THE SAME QUOTE FROM FAMILY GUY FIVE MILLION TIMES ISN’T FUNNY! I mean, really! It’s funny the first few times, but twenty more? Not necessary. And as a general rule of thumb, people saying they are l33t, (or 1337 as earlier in the post) aren’t. People who take games like WoW seriously, are also idiots. It’s a GAME. It doesn’t deserve a shrine. Sure, maybe your night elf just got level 70. No one really cares outside of the game. Spend your time on something else, like modding your computer. Make it even better than it needs to be. Seriously. More rants later. I think. Most likely, there will be. And hopefully they will be better than this one. If not, I’m doing something wrong. (first post over 400 words!)


One Response to “Idiocy on the Internet”

  1. Wii Owner 3.14 Says:

    GASP you’re trolling yourself! (zomfg 1st post lol roflmao pwned by 1337ness) [edit by Kirbycurse: …]

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